Apply for a Youth Employment Programme-RSC Mining

The YES (Youth Employment Service) Programme is a business-led collaboration with government. YES seeks to reduce youth unemployment across private and public sectors. The aim is to enable more youth to develop new skills and gain meaningful workplace experience, which will in turn significantly improve their chances of finding long-term employment.

At  RSC Mining more than 400 previously unemployed youth have been provided with an opportunity to gain work experience through the RSC Mining YES Programme.


Must be 18-34 years old
Must be a South African citizen

What it is:

  • YES is a programme of which the sole aim is to provide meaningful, quality work experience to previously unemployed youth.
  • Jobs are created over and above any existing jobs.

What it is not:

  • YES is NOT a Learnership or apprenticeship programme.
  • YES is not an internship or a workplace experience component for the purpose of obtaining a qualification.
  • YES is not a training programme.
Send your applications to
Closing Date : 10 May 2024

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