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Phakisa Holdings is currently looking for a Safety Officer in the Secunda area.
The SHE Officer/Advisor works closely with the Regional SHE Manager and the SHE Team in coordinating, developing, implementing, controlling, auditing, and monitoring SHE & Wellness activities such as SHE policies, Management Systems & standards, and Project specific SHE activities to provide an effective and efficient SHE & Wellness Function for the organisation.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Record relevant information, update paperwork, and set up and manage paper and electronic filing systems to maintain documents.
Maintain and update SHE related business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards, systems, or methods.
Monitor and ensure integrity of all data by means of establishing quality assurance procedures and associated quality control verifications.
Coordinate and implement solutions from process analysis and general department projects.
Evaluate data pertaining to accidents and incidents to present accurate statistical reporting.
Collect and analyse incident data, investigation reports, regulatory information, and demographic and behavioural trends, to recommend changes.
Establishes and maintains comprehensive and current record keeping system of activities and operational procedures in SHE office.
Coordinate and implement solutions from SHE processes analysis, general projects, and practices.
Schedule projects in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines.
Schedule use of facilities or catering services for events and negotiate details of arrangements with internal or external customers.
Coordinate arrangements for training facilities and equipment.
Record all activities pertaining to the scope of event for analysis and reporting purposes.
Communicate the health and safety policy and all related plans and procedures across the organization.
Keeping up to date with the health and safety law and technical knowledge.
Writing health and safety reports.
Assist in identifying training on OHS matters to ensure that employees and managers understand their role and responsibilities, hazards attached to their jobs as well as the provisions of the OHS Act.
Advising the management team on all aspects of safety, occupational health, hygiene and environment matters.
Develop a range of communication medium e.g. safety website, health, and safety display board etc. to ensure that Managers and staff are kept up to date with health and safety matters.
Maintain effective communication with SHE Office staff, Occupational health staff, Unions Reps and all other staff with health and safety responsibilities.
Responsible for SHE Onboarding for all new staff.
Compile weekly/monthly SHE reports as required.
Implements corrective action plan to solve problems.
Maintain records and write reports to monitor and evaluate incident activities and program effectiveness. Observe and report on incident trends that might affect employees and employers.
Identify and evaluate industry trends in database systems to serve as a source of information and advice for management. Identifying trends in corrective actions through the use of problem-solving tools; working with the Business Manager to develop solutions.
Advise on corrective action plan. Implementation and administration of safety systems, for example ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 45001. Support safety liaison officers and other safety related functions. Communicate changes in safety and Environment legislation to Management.
Develop occupational health and safety systems, including policies, procedures, and manuals.
Implement health and safety procedures and develop work procedures to comply with legal obligations.
Promote good occupational health & safety by raising awareness through health & safety surveillance and training. Ensures awareness and use of other safety and emergency equipment provided in the workplace as directed or as required in OH&S procedures. Drive SHE awareness at all levels in the organization. Maintain legal appointments during any organizational structural changes. Determine legal appointments, obtain the necessary appointments, and maintain records.
Establishes audit schedules at organizational and project level.
Conducts internal project audits in accordance with the audit objective and criteria.
Analyses findings and observations to determine obvious trends and potential risk areas.
Compiles and publishes audit report for distribution to the relevant stakeholders.
Expedites the effective close-out of the audit findings.
Reports on outstanding findings to the relevant stakeholders
Acts as liaison between external auditors and the organization
Conduct surveys and research; prepare and present reports and recommendations; design and conduct assessments to determine the nature and SHE culture maturity; develop and implement plans and objectives to meet the organization strategic SHE objectives.
Conduct, coordinates analysis and report audits and assessments to management.
Evaluates findings of investigations, surveys, and assessments to assist in formulate policies, procedures and practices and recommend improvements.
Reporting accidents to the Department of Labour as it is required in terms of Section 24 of the OHS Act.
Monitor safety performance through internal audits and develop the Line Managers proactive reporting system.
Develop a range of communication medium e.g. safety website, health, and safety display board etc. to ensure that Managers and staff are kept up to date with health and safety matters.
Maintain effective communication with other SLOs, Safety Office staff, Occupational health staff, Unions Reps and all other staff with health and safety responsibilities.
Prepare reports using statistics, charts, and graphs to illustrate areas of concern or feedback.
Ensure all Contractors comply with the Management of Contractors SHE Standard.
Providing support service to Construction Managers and Site Safety Officers and Leads.
Maintains internal / external relationships with the relevant stakeholders e.g. employees by liaising with the respective stakeholder in a respectful manner.
Advise managers on developing performance measures to obtain strategic objectives.
Advise and provide operations managers with SHE related information and statistics for performance measures to achieve strategic objectives.
Provide advice, data, and guidance on compliance with relevant OHS legislation.
Providing input into the drafting of tender notices and/ or formulation of contracts in respect of OHS Legislation.
Keep themselves updated regards to legal changes, updates, etc.
Follows defined legal framework as per the SHE MS and ensures compliance to relevant company procedures and policies.
Professionals – Self direction in learning and in supporting the wider use of knowledge.
Understand and adhere to customer requirements.
Proactively identify and report risks that could affect the SHE MS
Issue site safety plan to site management in accordance with OHS Act
Ensure safety manual contains appointments, procedures, risk assessments, fall protection plan, safety registers and daily inspection sheets.
Conduct site safety inspections daily.
Develop checklists for inspection audits and any other form for control purposes and utilisation by Supervisors and Safety staff.
Maintain 5-star ratings by consulting and liaising with the Gauteng Master Builders Association.
Ensure Safety Manual implemented on site.
Ensure that risks and fall protection plans are changed as contracts progress.
Ensure that all safety appointments are in writing and signed as required by legislation.
Ensure audit schedules are up to date and filed in accordance with legislation.
Follow up on audits and NCRs on a regular basis.
Ensure sub-contractors are issued with approved safety plan and approved fall protection plan.
Apply quality principles in all activities.
Ensure all relevant QMS policies, procedures and work instructions are implemented, maintained, and adhered to.
Identify opportunities for improvement in the SHEMS and/or other Management Systems/activities that could impact SHE,
Adhere and enforce company safety rules and regulations.
Practice good housekeeping in the office.
Qualifications, Training and Work Experience:
Oral Expression
Written Expression
3-5 Years – Work related Experience.
Formal SHE Qualifications of a minimum NQF Level 5 (e.g. SAMTRAC etc.)
Supplementary training in the following: HIRA, Fall Protection Planner, Incident Investigation, Basic Rescue at Heights, Basic Fire Firefighting, OSHAS 18001 and ISO14001 Awareness & Implementation
Accredited Auditor
Petrol/Chemical experience will be an advantage.
Local residence will also be an advantage.
Market Related
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