High School: General Assistant

A teaching assistant (also known as a classroom assistant, general school assistant, a pupil support assistant, a teacher’s aide, or abbreviated as a TA) is someone who assists teachers by providing teaching and learning support in whatever way possible.

So what exactly is a teaching assistant? Some TAs provide more general assistance, while others specialise in certain areas of education, such as literacy, numeracy, music, specific learning needs, disability support, English as a second language, or behaviour. Classroom assistants can be found in schools from the Foundation Phase to secondary.

The number of TAs in one school can vary widely, depending on the necessity and amount of funding provided. In some countries, including South Africa, teaching assistants are also referred to as general assistants and general school assistants.

Available Position:

-General Assistant (Electrician)
-Capricorn High School

What duties are involved?

General school assistant duties are likely to vary greatly, although they do exactly what is perceived as predictable – assist the main teacher and students. Their exact duties depend on the type of teaching assistant they are, and what is required of them by the teachers and students they support.

What is a general school assistant’s day-to-day?

The typical general assistant duties at school may involve tasks like:

  • Preparing classrooms for lessons;
  • Helping teachers plan lessons;
  • Listening to students read, or reading to students;
  • Tidying up the classroom before and after lessons;
  • Helping students who require additional support;
  • Supporting teachers with managing class behaviour;
  • Looking after upset or injured students;
  • Making resources for teachers and students;
  • Providing support out of hours, such as during exams or on school excursions;
  • Helping with extracurricular activities like breakfast and after-school clubs;
  • Carrying out administrative tasks;
  • Supervising students if the teacher is temporarily unavailable, or supporting another group within the class;

Other general school assistant duties and responsibilities include:

  • Providing instructional assistance to teachers of students with a wide range of abilities, group sizes, and activities;
  • Providing behaviour management support;
  • Offering clerical assistance;
  • Checking and recording student work;
  • Assisting in the library, front office, and other areas of the school as needed.

Some general school assistant duties in South Africa, also include1-1 support for students across the curriculum, and leading 1-1 and small group interventions for mental health, social skills and sensory needs.

Other requirements include:

  • The person must be aged between 18 and 34 years old;
  • They must live within a 5 km radius of the school (or a 30 km radius if it is a small, micro or farm school);
  • Certified copy of ID;
  • Matric certificate or other NQF 4 or higher proof of qualification (not compulsory);
  • CV;


Available Position:

-General Assistant (Electrician)
-Capricorn High School

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