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A glass technician is employed by car dealerships or auto glass replacement companies to help replace cracked or damaged car windscreens and windows. They also treat glass to ensure it withstands heat, sunlight, rain, and snow. They may be required to install glass windows and to identify any issue that may affect glass installation. Generally, they are responsible for selecting appropriate tools and equipment for the job that needs to be done.


A glass technician’s responsibilities are varied and crucial in their role. They cut, frame, and install residential and commercial glass doors and windows, ensuring safety protocols are followed. They also remove and replace damaged glass from vehicles, administer installation quotes, and handle precision tools to complete and install glass products. In addition, they measure, cut, and install auto glass, commercial windows, shower doors, and mirrors, often managing custom and laminated glass work. They also provide in-home estimates for custom mirrors, showers, and tabletops.

Here are examples of responsibilities from real glass technician resumes:

  • Install windshields, back glasses, side glass, and door glass in any model vehicle.
  • Install glass using ladders and tools.
  • Comply with OSHA laws and regulations.
  • Install frames and glass; as well as caulking.
  • Seal joints using clips, points, moldings, weather seals.
  • Mix paints perfect and also done gel coats and gorilla hull.
  • Remove all moldings, clips, windshield wipers, screws and bolts prior to beginning installation.
  • Research material safety data sheets for possible work relate chemical hazards in compliance to federal and state OSHA rules and regulations.
  • Obtain windshields or windows for specific automobile makes and models from stock, and examine them for defects prior to installation.
  • Compose written reports of data collect from patient evaluation and present to department chief for thorough analysis of patient diagnosis.
  • Install auto glass safe with Safelite design tools and products.

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